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to encourage, awaken and enlighten audiences using a synergy of voices.

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About EVP

Your Voice Is Your Expression

Endless Voice Productions LLC (EVP) was established to provide an outlet for voices to be represented. Conveyance of your voice is not limited to only aural sounds, but can be fashioned in song, dance, poetry, writing, drawing and other artistic forms. Whatever your artistic outlet is, is where your voice resides. Your voice is something that speaks to you and allows you to silence everything else. That is your voice. EVP believes the endless expression of voice is the essence of art.

How We Work

Throughout the year EVP holds auditions to acquire talent for its hosted events throughout Westchester and New York City. Be sure to check our site regularly for auditions and upcoming events.

EVP Team

Who We Are

EVP’s success depends on the strength of our team. Our team is made up of a group of qualified free-lancers who have worked in and across various media industries. They are able to use their diverse experiences to benefit the productions and events hosted by EVP.

We want to change
people’s lives

Art serves many purposes. For EVP our mission is to encourage, awaken and educate its audience through the synergy of voices.

Who We Are

We are art in motion using the stage as a platform to edify its audiences.


We Are Here For You

Talent Management

We are always looking for talent across all art forms. If you are interested in becoming a part of the talent pool at EVP, we hold auditions throughout the year. Decisions are made based on the talent and the need of a particular production/project.

Stage Productions

Theatrical Productions are the heartbeat of EVP. If you would like to be a part of EVP’s staging whether it be, set design and construction, stagehands, lighting or sound submit your resume through our contact section.

Event Management

We can assist with talent recruitment, planning and executing small to large scale events.

Good actors are good because of the things they can tell us without talking.

— Cedric Hardwicke —

Upcoming Events

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WESTCHESTER, NY, United States